Virtual Vegas Slots: AR Casino

MAX Immersion... MEGA Wins!

Virtual Vegas Slots is the new way to play slot games. Transform your world into your own personal casino – you need to see this to believe it!

A new way to Play

AR Slots: Immersive Gameplay

Our games are designed to put you in the middle of the action!

Interactive Bonus Games

Test your luck in a variety of interactive bonus games.

Free Coins Everyday

Spin the Golden Prize Wheel for a chance at HUGE WINS!


Wow. Stunning!

helloitsmj - May 5, 2018

I've played a few AR apps but this by far the best experience. The visuals are stunning and the slot games are really fun and engaging. I can't wait till the next few games are released - 5 stars!!

So much fun!

BornToSki - May 4, 2018

This app is incredible!!! And I won on my first spin. 🥇 Really cool use of AR. I love the little fishies swimming around. Spins are so fast. Tournaments are handled like a boss, not glitchy like in other apps. Guess the devs really knew their stuff 🤓, but what do I know. Music is a nice freebie. Can’t wait for more slots, I’m gonna play them all, LOL. 

Great Fun!

HoltRay - May 6, 2018

Wow! I’m always looking at the latest AR apps and this one is really awesome. Looks great, it’s engaging and I like the sound stuff, too. I hope there’s new content soon. Keep up the awesome work!

I die! Sooooo obsessed!!!

PeachesPalmer - May 8, 2018

Where has this app been all my life! It is life changing! Keep it coming guys!!!!! If you don't have it, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!